Metropolitan DMC aims to make a difference to our local community by supporting those working to make it better.



boroumelogoBoroume is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide an innovative, sustainable solution to reduce food waste and address rising food insecurity in Greece.  

As Boroume has proven, all you need is phone, a (very good) database, and enthusiastic volunteers. Their holistic approach involves programs raising awareness in society from  schools upwards, connecting shops & producers with food to donate with charities or families in need, gleaning crops that may go to waste otherwise, and volunteering within all these aspects.

In collaboration with Boroume, Metropolitan DMC coordinates the donation of surplus food from events that would otherwise go to waste and creates CSR activities for delegates to participate in these programs. We match the activity to the corporate client’s goals.




CSR Team Building

Our wheelchair building competition addresses the need to make a real difference in people’s lives and gives delegates lasting memories in the process.
This activity can be run both online and offline. 

Challenges award points to teams to “buy” essential parts of the wheelchairs. They are assembled by the delegates if present, or in a virtual event, by a mechanic in real-time.
The wheelchairs produced are then donated to people in need, with the option of creating a further awarding event, for participants to see the huge impact of their contribution.


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