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A unique destination Athens is a must see European destination, perfect for memorable incentive events and meetings that combine business and leisure. The rich cultural heritage of Athens is just one layer in the multi-faceted modern city. The immediate and lasting impression is one of energy and vibrancy. It is a sophisticated cosmopolitan hub with easy access from all major airports.

Athens - the gateway to Greece, both ancient and modern. Dominating the Athenian skyline, the Acropolis & the Parthenon Temple represent the Golden Age of Greece & the birth of modern civilization. At the foot of the Acropolis with its monuments symbolizing everlasting spiritual values, modern Athens has grown into a bustling metropolis, yet still retains its unbreakable links with its glorious past and traditions.

The majority of archaeological sites have been perfectly integrated into the contemporary city & the countless museums present a vibrant cultural scene alongside modern hotels, award winning restaurants and exciting nightlife.

Athens Riviera & the nearby Islands. Athens is the only capital in Europe with sandy beaches & crystal clear sea just 20’ from the centre. In the leafy suburbs of the South coast, deluxe resort hotels feel like they are on an island although the city is so close.

It also has islands just an hour away. Feel like a millionaire on a luxury yacht for a day visit to one of the islands of Hydra, Aegina, Spetses & Poros. Each one is a delightful escape from the big city.


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