The southern mainland of Greece holds many surprises: historical, cultural, natural & archaeological. The long coastline makes each coastal town & village seem like an island. The main town of Nafplion is only 2 hours from Athens in the heart of the wine producing areas of Nemea & Mantinia.

Just 30 minutes’ drive away is the ancient Amphitheatre of Epidaurus with its perfect acoustics & the archaeological site of Mycenae with the tomb of Agamemnon.  Ancient Olympia on the west coast offers a thrilling experience with a visit to the site of the original Olympic Games. The long sandy coast, affectionately called the Olympian Riviera, offers summer resorts of MICE quality.

The most well-known of these is Costa Navarino Resort with two 5’ hotels. Several ski resorts, mountain climbing, hiking, river rafting & and world class wine estates ensure that the Peloponnese can be enjoyed around the year.


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